Susan L. Bannister,University of Calgary,Calgary,AB

Rationale: All undergraduate and clerkship programs need to be ready to both pounce on opportunities and handle challenges that come their way. In order to do both of these things, programs  and their leaders  need to build their team, line up resources, be connected, and develop leadership skills. Programs that have strong strategy and engage effectively with stakeholders will be poised for success by being ready and getting buy-in.

Objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) describe key elements of an educational programs strategic readiness, (2) audit their own programs readiness to pounce on opportunities and handle challenges, (3) develop a concrete plan to build their strategic readiness for educational initiatives, and (4) apply a stakeholder-needs approach to project planning so as to get buy-in.

Methods and Content: In this highly interactive session, participants will engage in a variety of large group activities (didactic teaching, discussion, questions and answers), as well as focused work on their own and peer consultations. The workshop will have two main segments: Strategic Readiness (getting your program ready to handle things that come your way) and Stakeholder Needs (figuring out how to engage all stakeholders so that you can get big buy-in for your projects). Part 1: Facilitators will be in attendance to engage in peer consultations and small group discussions. Customized materials  for the program strategic evaluation as well as resource identification for gaps  will be provided. Additionally, a strategic capacity development map will assist participants in developing their plan. Part 2: Participants will be involved in a mock scenario, large group discussions, peer consultations, and individual work. They will walk away with a concrete plan on how to get big buy-in" for their own projects.