April O. Buchanan,Univ of SC School of Medicine Grenville,Greenville,SC

Rationale: In November 2013 the AAMC released a list of "Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for Entering Residency," defined as what a resident should be able to do on the first day of residency without direct supervision. These EPAs are mapped to critical competencies as defined in Academic Medicine 2013. The AAMC project addresses increasing concern by residency program directors that graduating medical students are not prepared for residency. This workshop will engage participants in an active discussion of these Core EPAs and development of pediatric EPAs for graduating medical students.

Objectives: 1)Differentiate competencies, subcompetencies, milestones, and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) 2)Appraise the utility of Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for graduating medical students 3)Construct a list of EPAs for medical students related to the care of children 4)Propose assessment methods for each of the drafted pediatric EPAs

Methods and Content: An initial didactic will briefly review definitions of competencies, subcompetencies, milestones, and EPAs and present the Core EPAs released by the AAMC. Participants will work in facilitated small groups to critique and reflect on the appropriateness of the Core EPAs and then draft a list of pediatric specific EPAs. Pediatric EPAS will be shared in the large group and two will be mapped by participants in each small group to the Pediatric ACGME subcompetencies and COMSEP/APPD subinternship curriculum. Workshop facilitators will then review a sample vignette related to a Core EPA and brainstorm with the large group to identify appropriate assessment methodologies. Participants will again work in small groups selecting 2-3 assessment methods for their two pediatric EPAs. Recommendations will be shared with the entire group and a wrap up will review the opportunities to work on a national collaborative project in the upcoming year.