Sharon Kileny,University of Michigan,Ann Arbor,MI

Rationale: Accurate formative and summative evaluation of trainees requires directly observing students interacting with patients and families. The LCME requires direct observation of learners. Because faculty can perceive this task as time consuming, it is critical that clerkship directors assist faculty in completing this requirement efficiently and effectively.

Objectives: -participants will be able to articulate the evidence regarding the critical role direct observation plays in accreditation and formative/summative evaluation of trainees -participants will be able to utilize several small group techniques for direct observation training that they can employ at their own institutions -participants will be able to provide an interactive faculty development workshop on direct observation with videos specific to the pediatric clinical setting

Methods and Content: In this train-the-trainers workshop, we will debrief on the techniques used after each section of the workshop and provide summaries for attendees' use. Therefore not only will we deliver content, but also the skills and materials needed to present this workshop on direct observation and feedback at their home institutions. First, we will review the evidence supporting direct observation. Next, using trigger videos of students interacting with pediatric patients and families, we will demonstrate techniques to train faculty in the process of direct observation followed by formative feedback. Several small group approaches will be demonstrated as we progress through the portions of the workshop. For example, we will utilize pair/share and snowballing to have attendees share techniques and tips for successfully incorporating role play into feedback workshops. Finally, from our experience training faculty in direct observation, we will discuss common barriers both in using these tools and in giving feedback. Large group brainstorming will add to the collection of appropriate responses and strategies to combat these issues so that a successful direct observation curriculum can be implemented in each attendee's home institution. All slides and videos will be made available to attendees.