Wilbur . Pan,Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School,New Brunswick,NJ

Rationale: Although the process of applying to pediatric residencies historically has not been as competitive as other fields of medicine, recent trends suggest that it is becoming more difficult to match in pediatrics. This workshop will highlight successful strategies that clerkship directors have used in guiding medical students through the pediatric residency application process, some of which are based on job hunt strategies used outside the world of medical education.

Objectives: At the completion of this workshop, clerkship directors will: (1) be more effective advisors for medical students applying for pediatric residency training, (2) be familiar with the timeline and logistics of the pediatric residency application process, (3) learn strategies for optimizing the components of the medical students application packet, including personal statements and letters of recommendation, (4) acquire additional strategies to guide students through the application process (peer networking, interview skills).

Methods and Content: The timeline and logistics of the residency application process will be reviewed. Workshop faculty will describe their roles in facilitating the residency application process for their students. Strategies for each part of the process will be reviewed: career planning, selection of programs to apply to, personal statement, letters of recommendation, interviewing skills, match list ranking. The perspective of a pediatric residency program director will also be incorporated. Participants will participate in breakout groups to practice assessing their current resources for advising students through the residency application process, identifying and sharing current strategies used, identifying new strategies to incorporate at their institution, and developing a timeline and to-do list for the upcoming residency application season (Spring 2014 through Match Day 2015). The identified needs and strategies will be shared with the group as a whole. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a guidance plan for sample students using case scenarios.