Amal M. Khidir,Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar,Doha,Qatar

Rationale: Reviewing abstracts and scholarly work can be a challenging endeavor. The COMSEP Research and Scholarship Task Force uses specific scholarly criteria adapted from Glassicks six criteria for scholarship to perform a critical review of submitted abstracts. These six criteria include: clear goals, adequate preparation, appropriate methods, significant results, effective presentation, and reflective critique. Most organizations use similar criteria to review abstracts submitted for conferences (posters, oral presentations) and other venues (articles or other scholarly products). Learning how to review an abstract can refine scholars skills in writing their own abstracts, as well as prepare them to serve as abstract reviewers for COMSEP and other professional organizations.

Objectives: By the end of the workshop participants will be able to 1) List and describe the criteria used to review scholarly work, 2) Apply these criteria to review and score abstracts on medical education, 3) Practice writing editorial feedback comments for authors, and 4) Discuss how review criteria can apply to other forms of scholarly work.

Methods and Content: The workshop combines interactive didactics with small and large group work facilitated by COMSEP members who have experience reviewing abstracts. It will start with a quick poll of participants to determine the level of participant experience, followed by an ice-breaking activity introducing the abstract review process. The main portion of the workshop will commence with an interactive introduction of Glassicks criteria for reviewing scholarly work, continue with two small group exercises  the first on reviewing and scoring an abstract using these criteria, and the second on writing constructive feedback and comments for the authors of the reviewed abstract. The workshop wraps up with a discussion of the applications of the abstract review criteria for other conferences and other types of scholarly work Participants should expect full engagement with relaxed and enjoyable interactive learning experiences.