Jocelyn H. Schiller,University of Michigan Medical School,Ann Arbor,MI

Rationale: Scholarship is inaccessible to other educators unless it is disseminated, most commonly through publications. A recent study showed that one barrier to publication identified by COMSEP members was difficulty writing for the medical education literature. Using examples from medical education, this workshop will help participants develop papers that are clear, concise and publishable.

Objectives: Participants in this workshop will be acquire the skills to: Outline ways to bring greater clarity to a written paper for the medical education literature. Describe features that distinguish papers accepted for publication. Organize the major sections of a scientific paper.

Methods and Content: Based on Thomas Annesley's Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing, this workshop focuses on writing qualitative and quantitative manuscripts in medical education. The workshop will be organized by the major components of research papers. In the first part of the workshop, we will discuss identifying a journal, clarity of writing, strengthening titles, abstracts, introductions and discussions. After providing useful tips for each element of the paper, participants will work through learning exercises to solidify key points such as revising a sample abstract and organizing an example introduction. In the second part of the workshop, participants will choose between writing up a qualitative or a quantitative project. The second half of the workshop will focus on describing methods and results, with small group exercises to solidify these skills. We will provide a list of journals that publish medical education manuscripts and resources for both qualitative and quantitative writing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own work if desired. Participants will also be encouraged to developwriting buddies to continue supporting each other's writing after the workshop.