Angela P. Mihalic,University of Texas Southwestern Medical School,Dallas,Texas

Rationale: Serving as a clerkship director offers an opportunity to develop skills in educational management and academic leadership. Directing the Pediatrics clerkship is often the first step on a path to broader leadership roles in medical education - for example, in Curriculum Development, Student Affairs, Admissions, or Residency Education. Opportunities may arise serendipitously or by deliberate planning. The goal of this workshop is to enable faculty to consider potential career opportunities beyond the clerkship, to develop leadership skills in that role and to prepare themselves for the possibility of taking on new roles.

Objectives: At the completion of the session, participants will be able to: 1. describe potential career paths in medical education; 2. identify own skills and interests; 3. define faculty development needs to prepare oneself best for each of these paths; 3. anticipate challenges and outline strategies for solving common problems associated with the transition into academic leadership roles.

Methods and Content: After a brief introduction, workshop faculty will describe their academic roles beyond the clerkship, with an emphasis on skills, personal values, and job features that have proven to be important. Participants will then engage in an active inventory exercise to assess personal strengths, skills, and values. Small group exercises will follow, focused on the following: Self-assessment of skills, interests, values, and passion; Positioning oneself in the institution to take on additional roles; Clarifying the scope and details of a new position; Developing additional skills needed in new roles; Exploring the fit between existing and new responsibilities; Making the transition into a new role. The second half of the workshop will comprise an interactive boot camp session, with a focus on leadership styles, negotiation, and saying no. Participants will leave the workshop with a set of tools to assist in their own academic advancement. In addition to written tools and handouts used during the workshop, we will distribute a bibliography of resources and an outline of ideas generated during the problem solving sessions.