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COMSEP Clinical Cases


  1. In a crowded elevator a fellow medical student begins discussing a fascinating patient that he has seen earlier in the day. How would you respond?
  2. While on attending rounds with the Pediatric Clerkship Director (who assigns the final grade for the rotation) you are asked if one of your patients has been febrile during the past 24 hours. You cannot remember if the patient has been afebrile or not. What should you tell the attending?
  3. You and two other students are alone waiting for attending rounds to begin. One of the students makes a racist remark about a patient he had seen earlier in the day. What should your response be?
  4. During a routine health care supervision visit of a sixteen-year-old girl, the mother pulls you aside to tell you that she is very concerned about her daughter's behavior and demands to know if the daughter is using drugs or having sex. What are your ethical and legal obligations? What would you tell the mother?
  5. The mother of a six-year-old boy is upset that you examined his testicles and penis during a well-child examination. She feels that this part of the examination is private and best left to family discussions. What would you say to her?
  6. Brothers aged 10 and 16 present for a routine health care supervision visit with their mother. How would you interview these patients? How would your interview strategy or questions differ?
  7. After informing the mother of a two-year-old infant that the child has a viral infection and no specific treatment is necessary, the mother demands antibiotics for the child. How would you respond?
  8. The clerkship director has scheduled a mandatory meeting with all the students on the rotation to discuss the final examination. Just before the meeting, a sixteen-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis whom you have been following on the ward, says that she needs to speak with you right away and begins to cry. What should you do?

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