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COMSEP Clinical Cases


  1. A four-year-old male presents to the clinic because of a sore throat for two days. During the physical examination looped shaped marks on his back and arms are seen. How would you evaluate and manage this patient? What would you tell the parents?
  2. A two-year-old presents to the Emergency Department after breaking her arm during a fall. The child was seen six months ago with a broken leg. What are your concerns? How would you evaluate this child?
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  3. A seven-year-old female patient present with vaginal discharge. In addition to poor hygiene, what else is in the differential diagnosis?
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  4. An eight-year-old male with dysuria and a urethral discharge grows N. gonorrhea from a urethral culture. What medical, legal, and social issues should you address?
  5. A two-month-old boy presents with lethargy and is poorly responsive. On physical examination there is no evidence of trauma but you discover bilateral retinal hemorrhages. What are your ethical and legal obligations? To whom would you report your findings? What would you say to the boy's parents?
  6. A nine-month-old boy has a history of poor weight gain for several months. His weight has fallen from the 50% to the 10% over the past four months. During a hospitalization for poor weight gain he had a normal physical examination, normal laboratory values, and demonstrated excellent weight gain on an age-appropriate diet. Now one month following discharge from the hospital he has lost weight. What would you do for this child? Discuss the medical, legal and social implications of your actions.
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  7. An eighteen-month-old infant presents with scald burns to the buttocks and legs. The parents report the child "turned on the hot water tap while playing in the bathtub". How would you differentiate an accidental burn from an inflicted burn?
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