February 2022

Hello COMSEP! Today is National Cherry Pie Day.  Not sure why they would designate a late-winter day with no fresh cherries to be found for Cherry Pie Day, but who are we to argue? Enjoy, Amit, Karen and Jon Evidence … Continued

January 2022

Hello COMSEP! Calling out to you from the depths of winter with another edition of COMSEP Journal Club. Perhaps appropriately, all of our reviews this month focus entirely or in-part on virtual education. Hang in there—things surely will be looking … Continued

December 2021

COMSEP Journal Club December 201 Editors: Jon Gold, Amit Pahwa and Karen Forbes PNAPE: New tool on the block Evaluation and Improvement of Intern Progress Note Assessments and Plans. Kelly MM, Sklansky DJ, Nackers KA et al. Hospital Pediatrics. 2021;11(4):401-405. … Continued

October 2021

COMSEP Journal Club October 2021 Editors: Amit Pahwa, Karen Forbes and Jon Gold   Practice answering pages Improving Interprofessional Communication Skills for Senior Medical Students Pursuing Pediatrics.. Rao A, Heidemann L, Morgan H, Fitzgerald J, Allen B, Schiller J, Kempner … Continued

September 2021

COMSEP Journal Club September 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes and Jon Gold Which medical students choose primary care?   Assessing factors for choosing a primary care specialty in medical students; a longitudinal study. McDonald C, Henderson A, Barlow P, & Keith … Continued

August 2021

COMSEP Journal Club August 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes and Jon Gold   You’re ready when you’re ready… The Minnesota Method: A Learner-Driven, Entrustable Professional Activity-Based Comprehensive Program of Assessment for Medical Students. Hobday PM, Borman-Shoap E, Cullen MJ, Englander R, … Continued

July 2021

COMSEP Journal Club July 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Jon Gold and Randy Rockney Near Peers are No Worse Than Faculty (And Maybe Better!) Student Perception of Case-based Teaching by Near-Peers and Faculty during the Internal Medicine Clerkship:  A Noninferiority Study.  Ahmad … Continued

June 2021

COMSEP Journal Club June 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Jon Gold and Randy Rockney   You can observe a lot just by watching   What happens under the flag of direct observation, and how that matters: A qualitative study in general … Continued

May 2021

COMSEP Journal Club May 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Jon Gold and Randy Rockney   The Emotional Rollercoaster of the Unmatched Student Journey of candidates who were unmatched in the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS): A phenomenology study Okoniewska B, Ladha … Continued

April 2021

COMSEP Journal Club April 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Jon Gold and Randy Rockney   Working on Feedback An Educational Intervention to Increase Student Engagement in Feedback.  McGinness HT,  Caldwell P, Gunasekera H, Scott KM.  Medical Teacher 2020; 42(11): 1289-1297. https://doi.org/10.1080/0142159X.2020.1804055 … Continued