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COMSEP 2010 Albuquerque Meeting


Susan M. Perkin, Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies, Department of Pediatrics, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Background:  The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa School of Community Medicine is experiencing growth in our medical school program.  What was once a class of approximately thirty 3rd year medical students has now grown to thirty-six 3rd year medical students and 20 physician assistant students for a total of 56 students.  This number does not include the 4th year medical students that may choose to take electives with the Department of Pediatrics.  The University is projecting continued growth.  Coupled with the growth in students was the need to manage the evaluation process of these students with little or no increase in evaluation cost to the department.  The Pediatric Department wanted to look at what were the possibilities of some type of online evaluation process. Purpose:  The evaluation process had to be inexpensive (preferably free), user friendly and easily accessible, and had to thoroughly allow for evaluation of the students.  The four main outcomes to be evaluated are:  was there greater participation by faculty and residents than before the use of online evaluations, were evaluations completed in a timely manner, was it considered user friendly, and did the free basic program work sufficiently so that there was no additional cost to the department. Report:  After some research, SurveyMonkey ( was located and the evaluation was designed.  SurveyMonkey provides a free basic evaluation template that was well suited to the department’s needs.  The survey was developed and was used for the first clerkship of AY 2009-2010. Conclusion:  SurveyMonkey is working well.  Faculty and residents like the format and are filling out the survey in a timely manner.  In AY 2010-2011, SurveyMonkey will continue to be used to evaluate the clerkships and its use will be expanded to grade and evaluate our 4th year medical student electives.