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Susan BannisterSince 2010, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has granted COMSEP editorial control over a tri-annual or quarterly column in Pediatrics in its "Perspectives" section. Since the AAP expects COMSEP as an organization to submit an edited, polished, and publication-ready manuscript by the deadline, COMSEP established a Perspectives Editorial Board in 2010 to oversee this process.

Our Editorial Board consists of Chris Maloney (Associate Editor), Janice Hanson, Bill Raszka, Bob Dudas, and myself as Editor-in-Chief. Bob Dudas was asked to join our team in 2012 based on his substantial publication record in the realm of medical education, ability to write well, knowledge of the medical education literature, ability to work to deadlines, and work within COMSEP. We are thrilled to have him join our team. (Chris, Jan, Bill, and I have been members of the Editorial Board since its inception in 2010.)

Our Perspectives column is well-viewed by both the Editors of Pediatrics and the general readership of this Journal. I feel our participation in this column assists in advancing COMSEP's strategic plan in several ways:
- provide a platform for review and dissemination of scholarly work
- promote professional development opportunities beyond the annual meeting
- create an intellectual community
- promote the scholarship of medical education
- develop accessible resources that all clerkship directors can use for local faculty development

In the summer of 2012, our Editorial Board reviewed and rated 19 abstracts that had been submitted for consideration for publication in 2013. We selected three for publication in 2013. They are:

  • "Stimulating Reflective Practice Across the Continuum of Learners" by Lavjay Butani, Rebecca Blankenburg, Michele Long,
  • "Bringing it Back to the Bedside: Family Centered Rounds as the New Classroom" by Suresh Nagappan, Nicole Chandler, Angela Hartsell,
  • "A Diagnostic Dilemma: The Differential Diagnosis of the Learner in Difficulty" by Stacey Bernstein, Adelle Atkinson, Tina Martimianakis.

Pediatrics has chosen to rename some of the features in their journal. COMSEP's publications will now appear under the name of "Monthly Feature" - same length and format as before, just with a different title for the column. The "Perspectives" column will remain in the Journal but will now feature a different type of article than the ones we've been writing. The articles we have selected will still be published as we had anticipated.

I feel honored to lead this initiative.

Susan Bannister
Editor-in-Chief, COMSEP Perspectives column, Pediatrics


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