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Journal Club: New Format!

Hello COMSEP!Susan Bannister

I am the Editor of COMSEP's Journal Club and would like to share some exciting news with you about the new format for the Journal Club.

Last year, Bill Raszka and I submitted some questions to the annual survey to learn how the Journal Club could better support our membership. We learned that our members would like to see the Journal Club published more than twice a year, would like to see 2-6 reviews per edition, and would prefer that the reviews be of the same length or shorter.

Taking that into account, along with feedback from the Executive Committee, input from several reviewers, and my own reflections on this initiative, I have come up with the following new plan: The Journal Club will be published monthly, independently of the Pediatric Educator, and will contain 2-4 reviews per month (250-300 words) from recent journals. It will come out the first week of the month.

Over thirty COMSEP members have enthusiastically agreed to be reviewers for the Journal Club and I am thrilled to be working with them all.

We hope that the Journal Club will assist in accomplishing the following aspects of COMSEP's Strategic Plan:

  • Promote the scholarship of medical education.
  • Create an intellectual community.
  • Provide faculty development for members.
  • Deliver valued programs and services to foster member satisfaction.

Journal Clubs will be archived on our fancy new website - all previous Journal Club editions are here now. I am really excited about the new format. The inaugural edition of the monthly format came out at the beginning of May, 2012. I have received feedback from several members who feel this new format is fantastic. Let me know what you think!

Susan Bannister

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