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COMSEP Annual Survey


The primary purpose of an annual survey of COMSEP members is to produce an accurate and comprehensive description of the current membership of the organization and the members' interests. This will allow us to better plan annual meetings, utilize resources, and respond to the major needs/interests of our membership. Improved knowledge of our membership and their needs will allow us to more effectively meet the mission of the organization. A secondary goal of the annual survey is to facilitate scholarship of our members and enhance the diffusion of knowledge within the organization by providing a mechanism for streamlined administration of targeted surveys about members' views and practices on relevant educational issues. The first annual survey was conducted in 2009, since that time it has occurred on an annual basis

2014 Annual Survey

Members and Task Forces are encouraged to submit questions to be considered for inclusion in the annual COMSEP survey. The purpose of the survey is to inform policy, provide information for strategic planning within the organization and enhance research. Each person submitting questions for the survey will complete the COMSEP Annual Survey Intake Form and submit it the COMSEP Executive Office. The completed materials will be forwarded to the COMSEP Annual Survey committee for review. Please find the survey intake form, timeline, and demographic question information below:

The survey for 2014 will be active from October 15 - December 31. Eligible voters will be sent an email with a link to the survey plus a Username and password. Reminders will be sent every 3 weeks until the survey closes. You may contact Sherilyn Smith, Chair of the Annual Survey committee at with any questions or concerns.