Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics


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Strategic Plan 2011-2016


To promote exemplary teaching practices, advance innovation and scholarship in medical student education, and foster the personal growth, professional success and collaboration of our members.


Excellence in Medical Student Education in Pediatrics.


  • Teaching excellence, innovation, and scholarship
  • Collaboration, support, and exchange of ideas among members
  • Mentoring of members at all stages of professional development
  • Personal, professional, and leadership development and success
  • Each individual's contributions to the organization
  • Promoting diversity in our membership and our profession
  • Collaboration with other organizations dedicated to pediatric education or children's health
  • Celebrating the joys of teaching and learning


Demonstrate leadership and expertise in medical education.

  • Promote the value and leadership role of medical student educators and COMSEP.
  • Collaborate with allied organizations to advance and advocate for medical student education.

Professional Development

Enhance the professional development of our members.

  • Expand the mentoring program.
  • Provide a platform for review and dissemination of scholarly work.
  • Promote professional development opportunities beyond the annual meeting.
  • Create an intellectual community.
  • Enhance the grants program.
  • Identify new ways to highlight member accomplishments.

Teaching Excellence

Advance teaching excellence.

  • Provide faculty development for members.
  • Promote the scholarship of medical education.
  • Develop accessible resources that all clerkship directors can use for local faculty development.
  • Promote the use of member expertise for external program evaluation.
  • Continue collaborating on the design and delivery of the Pediatric Educational Excellence Across the Continuum Conference (PEEAC).

Community and Organizational Structure

Foster a vibrant community and organizational structure.

  • Enhance communications.
  • Maintain effective governance.
  • Sustain healthy financial position.
  • Deliver valued programs and services to foster member satisfaction.
  • Enhance effectiveness of Task Forces.